Keep in Mind during Nurses’ Week how much gratitude we owe to those in the nursing profession. After five hospital stays, two post acute residences, and two very long home health care experiences since October, 2017, I wish to offer the highest of praise to the nursing staff who were professionally and personally attentive to my needs. When I was very limited in my capacity to care for myself I learned how dependent I was upon these amazing and well trained professionals. From checking the vitals, to changing dressings, to making one comfortable, to responding to the call button, to keeping one presentable – all while being responsible for several patients at the same time – nurses are incredible care givers. I honor all the nurses who cared for me – the wonderful conversations, the friendliness and respect they showed to me as a human being, the patient listening to my innumerable questions, and their loving response to my requests.

I do feel sad about the nurses who received from some patients words spoken harshly and in demeaning ways. I could not help but hear such awful utterances echo down the hospital corridors. I know these people must have been suffering or hurting and I saw or heard the warmest or most caring reactions from nurses under these difficult situations. Neither can we forget the long hours our nurses work and often the extra hours when they are covering for a shortage of staff on a particular day.

May our nurses be blessed this week and every day in all the weeks of the year for their kindness, their professionalism and their readiness to provide the care needed by us in our illnesses and sufferings.

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