KEEP IN MIND that the lie not only contradicts the truth of God but harms humanity by presenting what is false to be real. Pope Francis has often stated that reality is stronger than ideas. Ideologies, whether they be political, social or religious, can keep us apart from our neighbor. And the lie makes the neighbor an enemy who is not entitled to the truth but only an object to be deceived. We are called to love our enemies and to do good to those who persecute us. One way we love and do good is by speaking the truth. When the culture of lies predominates, the good order of society heads toward anarchy because the truth among people has evaporated. Nobody knows what to believe. Nobody knows who to trust. Without trust, which is based on truth and credibility, how can we work together to accomplish the human endeavor to create what is good for the world and what is good for the human person? Thank God for the many good people everywhere who live and speak the truth and reject deceit and dishonesty which are alien to the truth. (1Jn2:27) KEEP IN MIND that the way of God is the way of truth because God is truth.

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