KEEP IN MIND that each of us has an inherent dignity that does not go away when we seem to be less useful. People are talking about how insensitive it was when a White House staff person commented that Senator John McCain was irrelevant because he would die soon. Indeed it was a most insensitive and hurtful comment. But more seriously it reflects a utilitarian philosophy in our society which holds that our worth rests upon our usefulness. We are only worth something when we have power or influence to accomplish something good as it may be. If we’re dying what difference does it make since we are losing our usefulness. We might as well cast aside all the infirm and decrepit because they really are useless and are nothing but a financial and time consuming drag on all of us. It is reported that some in the room who heard the comment laughed. Thank God that it was only some, but have these “some” lost their civility and caved in to the worst of utilitarianism? Our inherent dignity and worth as human beings can never be lost. Utilitarianism at its worst maximizes utility and implies that only if you have power and do something useful are you worth being a human being. KEEP IN MIND that we are made in the image and likeness of God.

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