A marvelous example for today’s youth lived in the sixth century. We know him as St. Gregory of Agrigentum. He was a virtuous young man from his childhood. At 18 years of age he was ordained a deacon and not long after that consecrated the Bishop of Agrigentum in Sicily. His commentary on Ecclesiastes 9:7 offers us words of wisdom about a simple way of life. I will let him speak for himself: “If we embrace a simple rule of life and let our beliefs be inspired by a sincere faith in God, we should eat our bread with joy and drink our wine with a glad heart. We should not fall into slanderous speech or devote ourselves to devious stratagems; rather, we should direct our thoughts on straight paths and (as far as is practicable) help the poor and destitute with compassion and generosity – that is, dedicate ourselves to the activities that please God.” Is there anyone for whom these words would not be a benefit?

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