In the sixth century Pope Gregory the Great described how arrogant people govern. They simply dominate and crush. We would say they have a mean streak which sees everyone else as a competitor to be conquered. They do not use rational arguments and their actions are characterized by cruelty and violence. Their authority is an exercise of domination which comes from their power rather than an authority which comes from living an authentic life based on the truth of what they say and do. What we are talking about here is the sin of pride which destroys oneself and others as well. Humility is the virtue of truth and honesty. Humility has nothing to do with letting people walk all over you nor with weakness of character. Humility in words honors what is true. It abhors the lie. Humility in action conforms to what one believes and professes. It abhors hypocrisy. Weakness finds a home in arrogance. Strength rests in genuine humility.

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