This very day hundreds of parents are mourning – suffering terribly – because they have been separated from their children. These parents are not criminals but good people who have fled violence and poverty seeking a better life for themselves and their families in a new land. It is unconscionable that the country we live in and love hides behind its laws in separating children from their parents. Little children are traumatized. Mothers and fathers are painfully stressed as their own flesh and blood are pulled away from them. All law must be interpreted and applied in a way that honors the dignity of the human person. Using the law to oppress and degrade families because they have crossed a border illegally smells of a police state. What is more degrading and terrorizing than to snatch people’s children away from them? Border control can be firm but respectful and careful about people’s human rights and dignity. “Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Mt.5:4) God brings comfort to these families and we are called to be God’s instruments.

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