How does one sort through all that is happening in our society at this time? Where is truth?  Where is consistency?  Where is good order?  I believe that there is one foundational principle that guides our analysis of every word spoken and every action taken?  In every situation we must ask if the words and the deeds bear witness to the dignity of the human person.  Do they honor the person as a creature of God?  Do they promote the dignity and equality of every human being as equal in value, characterized and distinguished as made in the image of God? Do we hear words and see actions that promote the integral human development of every individual who is created to find fulfillment as part and parcel of the human family?  We fail our humanity if we behave as automatons who simply respond in agreement or disagreement without careful and thoughtful reflection.  From the perspective of biblical justice we can ask whether or not the words and actions build right relationships with God, with our neighbor, with ourselves in conscience, and with the earth on which we live.  The dignity of the human person rests at the heart of individual and social well-being.  Who is responsible for promoting the dignity, worth and value of the human person?  Every element of society has a duty, in fact is indebted, to participate:  faith organizations (church, synagogue, mosque etc), the State (government), business, community organizations, the family, and individuals themselves.

O Lord, God, you have made every human person little less than a god, crowned with glory and honor. (Based on Psalm 8)

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